Olive recipes


How can you eat olives?

Olives can be eaten alone as an aperitif or can also be added as an ingredient in many culinary preparations: Hot or cold dishes, simple or elaborate, decorative sauces or dressings, etc..

You can add your meals some olives: whole, chopped, sliced, and even mashed like a pate or tapenade, etc..

Some proposals of dishes that can be made with olives are:

- Any type of salad.

- In pasta dishes.

- In pizzas.

- In rice of all kinds.

- With vegetables, whether cooked or cold as a salad.

- As salsa.

- As an accompaniment to chicken dishes, turkey, beef, etc.. or fish.

- Seafood spice-sauce.

- As appetizers, spreads, biscuits and pates. t

- As an ingredient in stews.

- In meat pies, fish or seafood.

- In breads and pastries.

Olive recipes:

- Olive rolls

- Olive tapenade

- Olive vinaigrette

- Tomato sauce with onions, capers and black olives

- Artichoke salad with olives

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