Pansy contraindications

(Viola tricolor)


What is pansy and what is it used for?

Pansy is a plant of the same family than violet, which has similar components as mucilage, beta carotene, tocopherol, flavonoids, salicylic acid and salicylates (0.1%).

Pansy has diuretic, depurative, emollient, laxative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Pansy flower
Photo of pansy

What contraindications does pansy present?

- Pregnancy and lactation: We do not know how safe this plant is during pregnancy and lactation due to its content of saponins, especially the root.

- People who are taking medication: they should consult their doctor before using this plant because of its diuretic effects.

- It is generally considered a safe plant for healthy adults.

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