Pine nuts recipes

How to use pine nuts in the kitchen



- 400g goat cheese

- 25g hazelnuts

- 50g almonds

- 25g Pine nuts

- 25g macadamia nuts

- Vinegar of Modena reduced

- Sugar

- olive oil


- Separate the almonds and grind them until they become an homogeneous powder.

- Toast the other chopped nuts in a skillet.

- Mix in a bowl, goat cheese with chopped nuts.

- Add a little sugar.

- With a spoon or clean hands make small balls with the dough.

- Spread with reduced balsamic vinegar and coat with almonds powder, also previously toasted. Keep in the refrigerator until use.

Way to serve

Serve as accompaniment for salads or vegetable creams.

Panellets decorated with pine nuts

Panellets decorated with pine nuts

Other pine nut recipes

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- Endive with sorghum and pine nuts

- Beet syrup and pine nuts

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