Tonics characteristics

What is a tonic?


What is a tonic?

A tonic or restorative is any preparation that returns the normal functioning of a particular organ of the human body.

A tonic invigorates and gives strength to a part of our body that worked under normal conditions.

Tonic elaborated with different products: iron,vitamins,extract of plants and fruits

Main types of tonics

The main types of tonics are:

- General Tonic: A tonic for the whole body

- Stomach Tonic: Restores stomach activity

- Digestive Tonic: Restores appetite

- Hair tonic: Strengthens and invigorates the hair

- Cardiac tonic: Strengthens and invigorates the heart

- Muscle Tonic: Restorative for muscles

- Nerve Tonic: Restores the normal tone of the nerves

- Genital tonic: Restorative for the activity of genitals

- Uterine tonic: Strengthens the uterus

-Cosmetic Tonic:Cleans well the remains of creams and impurities, helping to close the pores and providing moisture and freshness to the skin, increasing its permeability so that future cleansing creams can better penetrate.

How is a general tonic done?

- Non-alcoholic general tonic: We can make a general tonic water based from Iceland lichen.

Make a decoction of 10 gr. of dried plant per liter of water. Simmer until half of liquid remains. We will take several tablespoons a day.

This tonic allows to reenergize the body so that it will function normally. What this tonic makes is to increase the number of red blood cells to correct body weakness. Very useful also in case of anemia.

- Alcoholic general tonic: Widely used are the tonic wines, where medicinal plants are macerated in wine so that this acquires its properties. A general tonic containing alcohol is, for example, gentian wine, such as described in the formula in the right column

How to use tonics?

You can take two to three cups before meals or spread throughout the day

How to preserve tonics?

Alcoholic preparations can be stored up to 4 months if the herbs are in good condition, it is important that they are covered by the wine. We use quality wines such as Sherry or Port.

Preparations must be of the same day.

How to make gentian wine

* See contraindications

Gentian tonic wine


- 1 liter of Sherry white wine

- 30 gr of gentian root


- Mix the ingredients in a dark glass container

- Allow to macerate for 8 to 10 days in a warm place in the shade.


Have a little cup before the two main meals


As general tonics we have, for example:

- Green buds of alfalfa as a general tonic

- Ginseng

- Gentian: See the recipe on the right column

- Royal jelly

- Pollen

punto rojoMore information on medicinal plants in the listing above.

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