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Buckwheat salad



Food without gluten



- 200g of buckwheat

- 6 sprigs of steamed broccoli

- 1 chopped apple tossed with lemon juice.

- Chopped parsley

- Sea salt

- Olive oil

- Paprika


- Cook the buckwheat grain, previously roasted, and water (2 cups water for each cup of buckwheat) for 20 minutes.

- Add the broccoli, parsley and chopped apple.

- Add the cooked and drained buckwheat, stir well, season, season and serve.


A very antioxidant recipe due to vitamin C present in parsley, lemon and apple. It also contains flavonoids, zinc and selenium from buckwheat, also with antioxidant properties. We have virtually no fat and it is heart-healthy. Ideal for people who want to make a very low-fat or cleansing diet.

It is also gluten free, suitable for people with celiac disease.

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