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Which are the side effects of cumin?

cumin cuminum cyminum
Photo of cumin grains

The intake of cumin (Cuminum cyminum) on food as spice, presents no side effects and it is considered safe for use in healthy adults.

Although very rare, the possible side effects of cumin intake are produced because of its essential oil. These are:

- Heavy menstrual cycles: cumin may increase menstrual bleeding. If you have this symptom, stop taking cumin and consult your doctor which supplement may be right for you.

- Decreased blood sugar: cumin has hypoglycemic effect. Do not take cumin if you are going to have a surgical operation or during the 2 weeks following surgery.

- In large doses, the essential oil of cumin can be abortifacient.

Interaction with drugs

- Oral anti-diabetics: People with diabetes should consult with their doctor before taking supplements with cumin.

More information on cumin toxicity and properties in the listing abov

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