Bran composition


The table below shows the composition of wheat bran, oat bran, rice bran and corn bran.

COMPOSITION OF DIFFERENT CEREALS BRAN Per 100 gr.Raw wheat branRaw oats bran
Water9.89 g6.55 g
Calories216 kcal246 kcal
Fat4.25 g7,03g
Proteins15.55 g17, 30g
Carbohydrates64.51 g66.22 g
Fiber42, 8g15.4 g
Potassium1182 mgs566 mgs
Phosphorus1013 mgs734 mgs
iron10.57 mgs5, 41mg
Sodium2 mgs4 mgs
Magnesium611 mgs235 mgs
Calcium73 mgs58 mgs
Copper0, 998 mgs0, 403 mgs
Zinc7, 27 mgs3, 11 mgs
Manganese11, 500 mgs5, 630 mgs
Vitamin C0, 0 mg0, 0 mg
Vitamin A0 mg0 mg
B1 vitamin (Thiamin)0.523 mgs1, 170 mgs
B2 vitamin (Riboflavin)0, 577 mgs0, 220 mgs
B3 vitamin (Niacin)13.578 mgs0, 934 mgs
B6 vitamin (Pyridoxine)1, 303 mgs0, 166 mgs
Vitamin E2, 320 mgs1, 710 mgs
Folic acid79 mcg52 mcg
COMPOSITION OF DIFFERENT CEREALS BRAN Per 100 gr.Raw rice branRaw corn bran
Water6.13 g4.71 g
Calories316 kcal224 Kcal
Fat20.85 g0.92 g
Proteins13.35 g8,36
Carbohydrates49.69 g85, 64 g
Fiber21 g85.5 g
Potassium1485 mgs44 mgs
Phosphorus1677 mgs72 mgs
iron18.54 mgs2.79 mgs
Sodium5 mgs7 mgs
Magnesium781 mgs64 mgs
Calcium57 mgs42 mgs
Copper0.728 mgs0, 248 mgs
Zinc6.04 mgs1, 56 mgs
Manganese14.210 mgs0, 140 mgs
Vitamin C0, 0 mg0, 0 mg
Vitamin A0 mg71 UI
B1 vitamin (Thiamin)2.753 mgs0, 010 mgs
B2 vitamin (Riboflavin)0, 284 mgs0,100
B3 vitamin (Niacin)33, 995 mgs2, 735 mgs
B6 vitamin (Pyridoxine)4.070 mgs0.152 mgs
Vitamin E6.050 mgs2, 320 mgs
Folic acid63 mcg4 mcg

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10 December, 2023

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