What oils are healthier?

What oils are better?

We can classify oils as follows:

Which oils are better?

It is better to eat walnuts than walnut oil

We can classify them in the following way:

green dotThe most recommended oil for seasoning and cooking is olive oil. Among the different types, it is preferable to use  virgin oils, obtained by cold pressure, because they contain more flavonoids and vitamin E.

green dotMost recommended seed oils, in moderation: high oleic canola oil, virgin sunflower oil (cold pressed first, not refined), wheat germ oil (first cold pressed, the food richest in vitamin E.)

Seed oils should only be used raw, not for frying or cooking. See: Oils for frying.

Oils that should be avoided (too omega, they deteriorate easily, even if they are of good quality): soybean oil, peanut oil , sesame oil, walnut oil, linseed oil, Brazil nut oil ,etc.

green dotIt is best to eat the last ones in the form of food, because their fats are better preserved and also provide more nutrients, for example: flaxseeds, walnuts, chia seeds or hemp seeds.

  • In general, it is better to obtain omega 3 and omega 6 fats from foods than from oils: sesame, hemp seeds, tahini, walnuts, chia, flax, etc.

Olive oil, the healthiest in the diet

Olive oil from the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest types of oil in the world, given its unique composition (balanced in omega 9, 6 and 3 fatty acids), and its antioxidant and heart-healthy properties.

aceite de oliva dieta mediterranea

Virgin olive oil is the most recommended. He is credited with many of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, along with aromatic plants and an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

punto rojo More information on properties of oils

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20 November, 2021

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