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Food properties of radishes

It is believed that the radish comes from South Asia and was widely used in ancient times, as is known from the continuous references we have to it in both Egyptian and Roman culture.

Radishes are rich in vitamin C

The Egyptians used radishes abundantly in their diet and it was a compulsory diet for the builders of the pyramids, along with other foods such as garlic, onion or cucumbers, because it gave them strength and prevented them from becoming sick.

Radishes and their antioxidant properties

Radishes are said to be the best anti-scorbutic and anti-aging remedy, the reason being the large amount of vitamin C they provide.

Vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants in the diet, which helps eliminate waste that accumulates in the body due to the ingestion of commercially packaged preparations, rich in preservatives that produce substances that are very harmful to health, such as nitrosamines.

Vitamin C is also important for maintaining the good condition of the skin and digestive mucous membranes, since it is involved in the formation of collagen.

Collagen is the basis for bones, nerves or tendons, or the absorption of iron and whose deficiency causes healing problems, poor condition of the teeth or lack of energy in general.

Squeezed radish juice used externally helps heal skin wounds and promotes cicatrization in cases of burns or frostbite.

In addition to vitamin C, radishes contain glucosinolates, another type of antioxidant. Glucosinolates give these vegetables a slightly spicy flavor and have protective properties against certain types of cancer.

People undergoing chemotherapy are recommended to consume abundant radishes due to their antioxidant virtues and to regenerate the body.

Radishes for prevention and recovery from cancer

Along with onions and garlic, radishes seem to be very important in curing cancer or inhibiting cancer cells. It has been proven that eating this type of food helps prevent some types of cancer, such as colon cancer.

The reason lies in the presence in all of them of volatile sulfur components, which in the case of radishes is called metanethiol.

The use of these foods in a regular way in meals can help prevent this disease. The seeds of this plant have been used to make a tisane with anticancer virtues or a diet for cancer prevention. Similarly, the pulp of radish crushed and applied on cancerous ulcerations seems to help in the treatment of this disease.

Radishes for digestive health

Radishes are a very beneficial food for the digestive system. Due to its ability to increase the intestinal flora, it is very suitable for those with slow digestion problems, increasing those bacteria that are necessary in the digestive tract.

Properties radish

A summary of the main curative properties of radish

In addition, radishes have digestive properties by increasing the production of bile juices, which will help to better break down fats and foods that are difficult to digest.

Similarly, this food is capable of neutralizing bacteria that are harmful to health and whose presence in the intestines is responsible for gas, flatulence, rot and intestinal heaviness in general.

It will be equally interesting in people who have chronic constipation, as in others with completely opposite symptoms, such as colitis or diarrhea.

On the other hand, in addition to its antibacterial properties, its importance as a biliary stimulant must be highlighted, as it helps with digestion and strengthens the liver. The cholagogue and choleretic effects of radish make it a very suitable food for liver health, as well as in cases of liver failure, jaundice and liver diseases.

To all this we must add its richness in fibers that drags intestinal residues, preventing infections and avoiding constipation.

Radishes in diets to lose weight

Due to its richness in fibers and its low level of calories, together with its richness in potassium, it is very interesting as a diuretic food, helping to eliminate liquids from the body by increasing urination.

It will be very interesting to eat this vegetable for the obese, people with arthritis, uric acid, fluid retention, hypertensive, or those who need to remove stones or grit from the kidneys or gallbladder.

An easy remedy to make is to crush a couple of radishes with the blender and drink them directly. If we drink a couple of cups of this liquid a day, it will help us to increase urine and break up the stones.

Radish lotion to treat pain

This same liquid applied externally in the form of a poultice on a burn helps to heal it and eliminates pain.

This same liquid has been used in the form of a lotion to combat sciatica or kidney colic. (It can be counterproductive in certain people sensitive to this plant. So it is necessary to try the remedy for a short time. Never keep it in place for more than 20 minutes.)

Radish juice to eliminate body odor

To prevent the smell of feet or armpits, radish juice is one of the best natural deodorants. (Extract the juice from 1 kg of radishes and store in the fridge. After bathing, wet your feet or rub your armpits with a little juice).

Radishes for hyperthyroidism

Radishes, like most members of the Cruciferous family – cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc. – contain isothiocyanates, components that help reduce the production of hormones by the thyroid, which It can be used as a natural remedy to control hyperthyroidism.

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13 December, 2023

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