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Healing with natural remedies

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Medicinal plants

Linseed oil properties

Flaxseed oil thins blood and protects against heart attacks, strokes, angina pectoris, Raynaud's disease, etc.

Loquat properties

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Curative diets

Oats to reduce cholesterol

Oats reduce cholesterol better than other fibers, due to their content in beta glucans, a fiber capable of reducing cholesterol by preventing its intestinal absorption...

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Natural remedies

Migraine remedies

Medicinal plants that provide greater blood supply in intracranial blood vessels, favor a lesser appearance of problems such as headache or migraine...

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Natural food

Orange juice properties

Orange juice is very rich in fiber and flavonoids. It is advisable to add the pulp to this juice in order to increase its curative properties...

Orange essential oil

Plant cultivation

Oak cultivation

Quercus robur needs to have adequate soil moisture. It prefers places with a rainfall about 600 and 1000 liters per year. However, it does not support flooded soils.

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Contest: Flower of the month

Do you know which flower is it?

Plant of the hibiscus family, with a very high stem, which can reach 2 or 3 meters in height. Large dark pink flowers. Grows in rocky or sandy places, near the sea and on cliffs

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