Argan oil remedies


Cosmetic remedies with argan oil

Argan oil is rich in Omega 9 and possesses three times as much vitamin E as olive oil.

Because its characteristic aroma to hazel, this oil is used mainly in cosmetics and also is consumed as edible oil in some countries.

  • FOR THE CARE OF ALL TYPES OF SKIN: Argan is the most expensive oil in the world, because its cosmetic applications are highly valued and beneficial for all skin types:
  • It can be used in masks for dry skin, because it deeply moisturizes the skin;
  • Applied on oily skin, its content in monounsaturated fatty acids balances the sebaceous secretions and helps the care of this type of skins.
  • RELAXING MASSAGES WITH ARGAN OIL: ideal to enjoy a splendid skin with all the penetrating and relaxing aroma of argan oil.
  • SOLAR BURNS: argan oil contains twice as much vitamin E as olive oil. It is due to the high content of vitamin E or tocopherols that this oil has a darker color. Its antioxidant content restores the skin. Beneficial to apply argan oil on the skin after sunbathing and on burns.
  • ANTI-AGING: making homemade creams with argan oil is a good remedy to prevent premature aging of the skin and enjoy a skin without wrinkles. Argan oil prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
  • ANTI-ACNE CREAMS: argan has bactericidal properties that help treat acne infections. Apply argan oil on the skin with acne daily, along with good hygiene and acne skin care. Argan can also be added to acne masks.
  • FOR DANDRUFF: argan oil can help treat dandruff because of its beneficial properties for the scalp. Apply argan oil on the hair for 30 minutes.

Argan oil in the diet

Use in salads, soft cooking (soups, vegetable creams, purees) or add to the food at the end of cooking. High temperatures degrade the healthy components of the oil.

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31 May, 2021

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