How much magnesium should we take daily?

Recommended dose of magnesium


How much magnesium do we need?

The necessary doses of this mineral in adults are between 310 and 420 mg daily, although specialists are recommending that this amount should be above 500 mg daily. The table below shows the need for this mineral at different ages, sex or situations:

When more magnesium may be needed? Special magnesium needs

There are certain situations in which a magnesium deficiency can be produced:

  • When taking diuretics (chemical or natural) in abundance, which increases urine production and disposal in excess of this element.
  • When having persistent or abundant diarrhea.
  • When having persistent or abundant vomits.
  • When ingesting too much alcohol. This causes poor absorption of magnesium or other nutrients from food.
  • When the person is diabetic, a disease that produces lost of magnesium by the urine.
  • When suffering from kidney disease.

Daily magnesium needs

Recommended amount of magnesium in mg (milligrams)
Less than 5 months 30
Of 6 months to 1 year 75
Of 1 to 3 years 80
Of 4 to 6 years 120
6 to 8 years 130
9 to 13 years 240
Children from 14 to 18 410
Children from 14 to 18 360
Men of 19 to 30 years 400
Men of more than 30 years 420
Women from 19 to 30 310
Women of more than 31 320
Pregnant women under 19 years 400
Pregnant women between 19 and 30 years 350
Pregnant women older than 30 years 360
Nursing women under 19 years 360
Nursing women between 19 and 30 years 310
Nursing women older than 30 years 320

Toxicity of magnesium. Dangers of magnesium

It is not advisable to abuse this mineral because, in high doses, it is toxic, manifesting itself in the form of mental stupidity, weakness in muscles or problems of breathing.

  • Do not take magnesium supplements if…
    • you have kidney problems
    • congestive heart abnormalities
    • taking any medications.
  • Its use in combination with certain antibiotics (tetracycline) inhibits their effectiveness.
  • Certain components block the absorption of magnesium:
  • Magnesium, when it is taken in the form of supplements, needs calcium so that both minerals are complemented and work well.

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27 June, 2019

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