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How to prepare a courgette omelet


Properties of a zucchini omelet

It is a dish that contains many high quality proteins.

Does it contain cholesterol?

This “tortilla” is very rich in cholesterol, because, only 1 yolk contains 200 mg. of cholesterol (you should only eat 300 mg per day maximum).

People with cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, or poor circulation can remove the yolk from the egg and make the dish only with the egg white.

However, The fiber of this tortilla balances egg cholesterol and, besides, egg yolk contains a lot of lecithin which counteracts cholesterol.

What other important nutrients does a zucchini omelet contain?

Besides proteins and lecithin, this recipe contains other nutrients that are also important for health. Among them:

Therefore, in moderate amounts, it is a very healthy food.

The tortillas made with a vegetable, such as, for example, zucchini, onion, spinach, contain fiber that is very convenient to counteract the fat content and, particularly, in cholesterol.

However, although it provides calories, it is an adequate dish to eat at noon, since it will help our brain work better during the day. (Better to eat at noon than at night since the yolk contributes a lot of calories due to its fat content).

This dish provides quality protein.

You should NOT take more than 5 eggs a week !!!

In vegetarian diets, if this amount is reached, remove the yolk and take only the egg white the rest of the week. You can also eat other foods with proteins without fats, such as tofu.

Courgette omelette

Courgette omelette

Ingredients of zucchini omelet with onion

Preparation of a zucchini omelette with onion

See recipe of zucchini omelette

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22 April, 2019

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