Absinthe wine properties

Artemisia absinthium wine recipe and benefits

Properties of absinthe wine

The bitter principles of absinthe wine produce a series of changes in the digestive system:

- Increase in appetite

- Better digestion

- Treatment of flatulence

- Treatment of halitosis

Properties of wormwood

Absinthe wine produced in France by "Distilleries et domaines de Provence"



- 30 gr of floral heads (the top of the plant with the flowers and everything that surrounds them) of dry wormwood

- 1 liter of white wine.


- Put the white wine in a glass container.

- Add the flowers.

- Leave to macerate for 8 days in a warm place.

- Strain and store in a bottle in the refrigerator.

How to take absinthe wine

You can have a drink before meals as an aperitif or a drink after meals as a digestive.

More information on wormwood in the listing above.

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