Goji berries infusion

Properties and recipe of goji berries tea


goji berries tea

Goji berries tea with a bit of chocolate coulant sponge cake

Goji berry infusion ingredients

- Goji berries (one teaspoon of dessert per person, approximately)

- 4 cloves

- Lemon rind

- Rosemary

- Leaves of fresh lemon balm

Preparation of the goji berries

- Bring water to a boil.

- Prepare the ingredients: wash and cut the lemon and clean the lemon balm leaves

- When the water breaks to a boil, put out the fire, pour the ingredients and cover.

- Let stand for 10 minutes with a lid.

- Serve with a small piece of sponge cake or a few nuts.

Properties of goji berries tea

It is a refreshing infusion for its aroma of lemon and lemon balm, with the nuance of clove and rosemary. It can also be combined with thyme, sage, maliloto, etc.

In addition, it brings us joy in the kitchen due to the bright colors it contains: yellow, green, red.

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