Properties of rosemary honey

Characteristics and benefits of rosemary honey

What is rosemary honey?

It is the honey produced by bees when they mainly suck rosemary flowers.

Characteristics of rosemary honey

branch of rosemary
Photo of branch of rosemary where you can see the leaves and flowers

When it has not undergone processes of transformation, it is a fairly thick honey with a light amber color. When crystallized, acquires a harder texture and a white color.

Rosemary honey is preserved very well without any added product or conservation technique.

If we want to modify its texture to make it more liquid, we can heat it to the bain marie. The water temperature should not reach 40 ºC.

Where can you find rosemary honey?

The areas of honey of rosemary are the zone of Spanish Levante, mainly the provinces of Castellón, Valencia, Alicante and Murcia. A very important zone it is the area if Alcarria and concretely the provinces of Guadalajara, northwest of Cuenca and southeast of Madrid.

Properties of rosemary honey

rosemary honey
Photo of rosemary honey

Rosemary honey is rich in lithium which gives it specific properties. It is expectorant, tonic, digestive, balsamic, disinfectant and antirheumatic.

What is rosemary honey used for?

Some medicinal preparations for internal use can be made with rosemary honey:

- Diseases of the digestive system: A spoonful of rosemary honey after meals can solve some digestive problems such as indigestion, stomach acidity or flatulence. It can be combined with digestive plants like chamomile to sweeten them and add its healing properties.

The above preparation is highly indicated in cases of liver failure or cirrhosis.

- Respiratory diseases: The antiseptic, pectoral and balsamic properties of rosemary honey are suitable for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as cold or bronchitis. (Drink sweetened milk with honey, use herbal teas for these anomalies sweetened with rosemary honey)

- Diseases of the mind: Lithium is a medication that is prescribed to combat numerous mental problems such as bipolar disorder, depression, manic states, decay of the mood, memory loss, senile dementia, etc. Since rosemary honey contains enough lithium, its use could be positive in the treatment of the problems mentioned above.

Rosemary honey may be indicated to resolve other less serious anomalies such as lack of concentration, mental fatigue or student disinterest. Sweetening foods with rosemary honey can help you focus more and more on the study, allowing better results on the tests. People who suffer from asthenia can achieve greater stamina.

Also, medicinal remedies for external use can be done with rosemary honey

Used externally, it has vulnerary properties resulting in a good antiseptic and healing remedy, very suitable for the treatment of punctures, cuts, scratches, etc. (Cover the affected area with a layer of honey)

It has anti-inflammatory properties very suitable for the treatment of pain produced by blows, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, gout, etc. (Smear the affected area with a layer of honey)

Contraindications of rosemary honey

Because of its high lithium content, rosemary honey may be counterproductive for people with psoriasis.

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