Mediterranean diet components



The components that make up the Mediterranean diet are:

- Abundant presence of plant foods: At least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day should be taken. They are the main component of the diet.

- At each meal, the main course will be cereals or legumes. They can also be served with bread.

- Legumes should be taken at least twice a week, due to the benefits of plant proteins, soluble fiber and minerals they contain.

- Olive oil as fat: Olive oil is the main fat condiment used in Mediterranean cuisine, and you can also add nuts to the diet (Musician dessert, a handful of nuts for a snack, etc..).

- Dairy: milk and its derivatives will be skimmed, as dairy fat contains cholesterol.

- Fish as the main source of animal protein. Take blue and white fish, alternating their use during the week. The fish can be fresh or salted, like cod.

- Meat has to be less present in the diet and we should consume: chicken, rabbit or turkey. Pork, beef and mutton has to be used less frequently.

- Eggs should be taken in moderation because they contain cholesterol (up to 4 a week)

- Mediterranean Lifestyle: It is named so a physically active lifestyle that includes walking at least 1 hour a day.

pyramid diet mediterranean
Food pyramid of Mediterranean diet

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