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Mustard recipes


Different mustard recipes

- Old style mustard sauce: also called "Moutarde à l'ancienne". Excellent Dijon mustard, made from whole mustard seeds.

- Traditional mustard sauce: Dijon mustard sauce with mashed seeds. Nice texture yellow sauce.

Traditional Dijon sauce
Traditional Dijon sauce with whole mustard seeds

- English or American mustard: Mild sauce prepared with white mustard (Sinapis alba), and other spices. Used to flavor the popular "hot dogs".

- Sweet mustard sauce: made from mustard seeds, salt, spices, acidifier, malt vinegar, honey, caramel and herbs.

- It can also be added to the vinaigrette sauce.

Entrees with mustard sauce

- Cleansing salad with arugula

- Vegetable salad with millet

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