Nerve tonic

How to make a nerve tonic at home


What is a nerve tonic?

Nerve tonics are those preparations which are used for nerves to regain normal activity

A nerve tonic helps jangled nerves get back to work normally.

Nerve tonics are especially interesting for people who are extremely stressed

What are nerve tonic preparations used for?

This type of preparations are used to calm the nerves and to achieve their stabilization.

Very common uses are, for example, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, manifestations of menopause, hyperactivity, etc.

Basil as nerve tonic
Infusions of basil are used as tonic for nervous system

How is a nerve tonic prepared?

A nerve tonic contains:

- Medicinal plants with nerve-tonic properties: medicinal plants which are prepared, usually in the form of infusions or decoctions, help restore the normal state of the nervous system.

- Essential oils with nerve-tonic properties: Essential oils are used in the form of massages to calm the nervous system

Pepppermint to tonify the nerve system
The essential oil of peppermint, used diluted in massage,
possesses tonic properties for nerves

How to preserve nerve tonics?

Non-alcoholic preparations should be taken during the same preparation day.

Preparations with alcohol may be stored several months, provided they are saved in the shade in a cool place.


Among the many preparations for toning the nerves, we can mention the following:

- St. John's Wort as a nerve tonic

- Basil as reinforcement of the nervous system

- Essential oil of peppermint, jasmine essential oil

- Gyokuro tea

punto rojoMore information on other types of tonics and medicinal plants in the listing above.

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