- 1 kg of persimmons

- 1 cinnamon stick

- 1 kg sugar


- Clean persimmons, using a damp cloth.

- Remove the cap and stalk. Cut the persimmons and remove the seeds. Cut persimmons into small pieces.

- In a saucepan place the sugar and cinnamon, add the pieces of kaki and let stand for about 5 hours. During this time the persimmons absorb sugar and give off their juice.

- After this time, turn on the fire and cook for 2 hours over a low fire.

- Turn off the heat. Cool slightly.

- Remove the cinnamon, and package the persimmon marmalade in glass jars. Keep them in the frigde or in a cool place.

Ways to serve:

- Serve at breakfast spread on bread. Midmorning or midafternoon snacks. To fill cakes.

Other persimmon recipes:

- Persimmon ice-cream

- Persimmon milkshake

- Persimmon Cake

- Persimmon Salad

- Persimmon gelatine

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