Syrups characteristics

What is a syrup?


What is a syrup?

A syrup is a medicinal preparation consisting on mixing 50% liquid from an infusion or decoction with 50 % brown sugar or honey.

How do you make a syrup?

Put half a liter of infusion or decoction with half a kilo of honey or sugar. Heat it and stir until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

How to use syrups?

The usual dose is set on one or two teaspoons two or three times daily.

horsetail syrup with honey
Plantain syrup with honey for flu

How to store syrups?

Once cool, a syrup is stored in a glass vial with no sealing plug that allows the output of the fermentation gases.


Among the most commonly used syrups, we have, for example, the following:

- Home made syrup for cough

- Blackcurrant syrup for varices

- Plantain syrup for flu

- Cough syrups

- Etc..

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