How to make a cold tea




- 1 kg of chopped ice

- 30 g. green tea or red tea leaves of good quality (they better retain the properties of the plant)

- One cup (200 ml.) of hot water.

- 2 tablespoons sugar

- Optional: a sprig of mint and a slice of lime, lemons, etc..

Cold tea recipe
Cold tea recipe


The iced tea recipe consists on making a very loaded tea infusion (double or triple the amount you normally would add to an infusion) and then mixed it with ice:

- Heat the water without allowing it to boil.

- Add the tea leaves infusion.

- Let stand 4-6 minutes (depending on the type of tea. Watch packaging!).

- Remove the leaves from the infusion.

- Chop the ice and add mint and sugar.

- Mix the tea with ice.

It is important not to boil the tea as, by doing this, it will retain all its catechins and antioxidants. We will take care of the resting time of the infusion, because if we spend too much time, this cold tea will taste too bitter.

* More information : Properties of cold tea.

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