Tofu cocktail




- Iceberg or romaine lettuce

- Onion

- Pineapple

- Pomegranate

- Tofu

- Bean sprouts

- Seaweed agar-agar

- Salsa Mayonnaise

- Tomato sauce

- Salt


- Cut the tofu into small cubes and sauté in a pan with a little oil and salt.

- Wash, peel and chop the onion and lettuce.

- Peel the pomegranate, reserve the seeds.

- Cut the pineapple into small dice.

- Make the "pink sauce" by mixing the mayonnaise with the tomato sauce.

- In a bowl, combine lettuce, onion, tofu, pomegranate, pineapple and bean sprouts.

- Add the "pink sauce" to the preparation and toss to distribute well.

- Put them in vermouth cocktail type glasses or small bowls.

- Garnish with algae agar-agar.

- Refrigerate until ready to consume.

- Serve.

How to serve it:

It is eaten as an appetizer, main course or accompaniment.

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