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Eggplant benefits


What are eggplants?

Eggplant (Solanum malongena) is a vegetable.

It is shaped like a pear but with a larger size.

its skin is lilac or purple, although some varieties are striped or white.

Inside the peel there is a smooth fleshy and a pale light green pulp, which darkens very easily.

Eggplants taste bitter and intense.

What are the main nutrients of eggplants?

As an energy source, 100 grams of eggplant provide us with 26 kcal.

Their proportion of nutrients is divided into:

- More than 92% is water.

- Close to 0.2% fat.

- More than 1% proteins.

- Over a 6% carbohydrates.

- A 2.5% fiber.

Eggplants are rich in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, but they also contain minor amounts of calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, manganese, copper and selenium.

Considering their vitamins, eggplants are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B9 and vitamin C. They also contain B vitamins and vitamin E.

egpplant salad

Eggplant salad stuffed with avocado sauce and covered with tomato slices with an olive on each one of them. All on a layer of lettuce


Photo of eggplants

Nutritional characteristics of eggplants

- Eggplant has a high water content.

- It provides little energy.

- It contains little fat, quality and health benefits.

- It has a low protein content.

- Its carbohydrate content is moderate, especially starch.

- It has a moderate-fiber content.

- It helps to remove toxins from our body, because it contains potassium.

- It helps maintain our brain function properly, because it contains phosphorus. In addition, together with calcium, it maintains our bones strong.

- Because of its magnesium content, it helps the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

- For its vitamin B9, it helps us to grow properly.

- It protects the skin and helps keep it healthy, because it contains vitamin A.

- It protects us from colds and helps heal wounds, because it has vitamin C.

- It protects us from the toxins and aging, because of its vitamin A, C, E, zinc and selenium.

Eggplant drawing

Eggplant drawing (More food drawings)

Eggplant composition

Eggplant composition

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