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Common English name: Brazil-nut Tree, Para Nut, Brazilnuts (fruit), Juvia (tree)

Common name in other languages:

a branch and a fruit of pecan
Pecan plant illustration

– Spanish / Castellano: pacano, pacana, pecana, apacanos, pacán, nogal americano, nogal morado, nuez pacana, nuez americana, nuez encarcelada

– Catalan / Català: Pacaner

– Galician / Galego: Nogueira pecán

– Portuguese / Português: Nogueira-pecã

– Basque / Euskara: Pecan

– Italian / Italiano: Pecan

– Romanian / Română: Pecanul

– French / Français: Pacanier

– German / Deutsch: Pekannussbaum

– Polish/ Polski: Orzesznik jadalny

– Dutch /Nederlands:Pecannoot

– Norwegian /Norsk bokmål: Pecantre

– Finnish /Suomi: Pekaanipähkinä

– Swedish /Svenska: Pekannötter

  • Scientific name: Carya illinoinensis

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26 May, 2021

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