Pecan oil properties


What is pecan oil?

Pecan oil is the result of extraction, by cold pressing, the fat of pecans.

Pecans are a dry oily nuts, rich in fat (70%), type mainly Omega 9.

This type of nut is one of the nuts with the highest percentage of fat (about 70% of its composition).

* More information: See Properties of nuts.

Pecan oil is edible and can be used in food. Due to the stability of omega 9 to high temperatures, this oil is often used for frying.

Pecan oil

Pecan oil

This oil also receives interest in cosmetics because it has properties similar to olive oil or argan oil, since both are rich in omega 9 fats.

Pecan oil composition

Oleic acid: Pecan oil is very rich oleic acid Omega 9. It has anti-inflammatory properties, for skin care and to treat hair loss.

Linoleic acid: It is an essential fatty acid, which binds to lipid cell membranes and improves its moisturizing capacity.

Palmitic acid: It is a saturated fatty acid that protects and moisturizes the skin intensively, maintaining skin hydration longer.

Gamma-tocopherol: This is a type of provitamin E. Pecan oil also contains alpha-tocopherol, but predominantly, gamma-tocopherol.

It is an antioxidant component, which acts primarily on lipids of the skin when applied externally. Indeed, gamma-tocopherol has outstanding properties as protector of body fat. Given that the skin is made up of fat, skin creams with pecan oil help it to have a more healthy appearance.

Properties and uses pecan oil

For skin care: it is a light oil, which is rapidly absorbed by the skin and causes no feeling fat. It has softening and soothing properties for the skin cell, protecting them from oxidation and helping to prevent premature skin aging.

It can be used in masks or skin creams to treat dry skin, skin exposed to the sun, on scars, for the eye area and for chapped lips.

For dandruff: pecan oil can be used to stimulate the scalp due to percutaneous-stimulating properties of omega 9. It also contains fatty acids that help treat hair loss (linoleic, palmitic and oleic acid). It can be used in home or apply on the scalp for dandruff and hair loss shampoos.

For treatments with essential oils: pecan oil is combined with essential oils for different hair treatments, thus increasing product properties and improving its effectiveness. It can be mixed with rosemary essential oil to treat dandruff, or with lavender essential oil for oily skin.

This combination can be used to make different massages: relaxing massage, stimulating, enhancing, draining, ayurvedic, contractures, back pain or to treat any ailment. A few drops of essential oil are mixed and applied to the skin as massage.

Pecan oil has a toasted nutty smell that combines with all kinds of flavors, and because of its stability, it can be used as a vehicle for essential oils. Massages help improve circulation and stimulate the irrigation of blood capillaries.

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9 February, 2024

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