Soy drink contraindications

When you should not take soy milk or soy drink

What is soy milk and how is it obtained?

Soy milk is a derivative of soybean (Glycine max), a legume native to Asia. For its preparation, soya beans are ground, boiled, and filtered, until a liquid of white color reminiscent of milk. Subsequently, enzymes are often added that are responsible for converting the starches naturally present in the soy beverage into simple sugars, such as maltose, in order to achieve sweetening the beverage without adding sugar. Other times, sugar, cocoa, vanilla or other flavorings are added.

vegetal drinks

Photo of vegetable drinks. There are more and more options besides soy

Allergy to soy protein

Soy drink is contraindicated for people with soy allergy. These people should not consume soy milk because it could cause severe allergic reactions, even anaphylactic shock.

For these cases there are other foods that can supply this product, such as the vegetable drink of rice, oats or other types. Sometimes, these other vegetable drinks are processed in factories where soybean has also been handled, so it is recommended to check in the container of any type of vegetable drink that the product can not contain soy or traces of soy.

  • People with soy allergy should not consume any product containing soy, or only in a small amount (traces), as this entails dangerous consequences for health.

Is it bad to eat soy milk almost every day?

Eating soy milk regularly is not harmful. Within a healthy diet, the consumption of soy milk has no negative effect on health. It should only be taken into account that there are some brands with a lot of sugar, which could lead to the drawbacks of sugar consumption, such as cavities, obesity and diabetes.

To avoid these disadvantages you just have to buy soy beverages without added sugar. These are healthier, compared to cow’s milk, since they have more magnesium, calcium (only enriched), and potassium, alkalizing minerals that milk lacks, with the same amount of complete proteins.

Does soy drink have all the effects of soy?

Nutritionally, soy drink does not have all the benefits or contraindications of legumes, because it contains very little amount of soy (Some brands of soy drink contain less than 7% soy beans in their composition). Therefore, the nutritional value of a glass of soy drink is very different from that of a legume dish. On the other hand, it could be considered a good substitute for a milk ration.

Can you eat soy milk without cooking?

It had always been said that soy milk was better boiled for about 10 minutes to make it more digestive. However, the brands that are currently marketed already contain the precooked and even hydrolyzed vegetable (addition of enzymes during processing), therefore it can be consumed without heating. In case of doubt, consult the instructions on how to use each container.

Is soy milk good in pregnancy and lactation?

As a nutritious food, soy milk is a food compatible both in the diet for pregnancy and during lactation.

The only precaution that is recommended is to avoid soy drinks enriched with isoflavones. Although there are few in the market enriched, there are some that carry these added components (Consult the ingredients of the label).

Can children consume soy milk?

Yes, children can eat soy milk. In young children, it is recommended to follow the tables of introduction of the food. Soy milk is not suitable as a substitute for breast milk.

Does soy milk produce feminization?

Soy has some components called isoflavones (phytoestrogens), which in the body have an effect similar to estrogen (although its effect is less powerful). The properties of soy for menopause are well known due to its isoflavones genistein, daidzein and glycitein.

Although this estrogenic effect may be adequate in some cases as in menopause, it has also been said that the consumption of soy (and by extension, soy milk) could produce feminization in men, or help increase the size of the bust in women. The truth is that none of these possible effects has been proven.

Anyway, soy milk contains very little isoflavones, unless they are enriched especially in these components.

Soy milk and hormonal alterations

In the past, based on studies on animals, it was thought that women with hormonal problems such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or fertility problems had to avoid soy and its derivatives, such as soy milk.

However, currently human studies show there is no reason to maintain this prohibition.

Contraindications of soy drinkContraindications of soy milk. It is a healthy food that provides more benefits than inconveniences. Only people with soy allergy should avoid it. Theoretically, it can interact with medications for hypothyroidism.

Soy milk in hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

People with thyroid problems should avoid combining soy milk with thyroid medications, because this legume has goitrogenic substances (prevents the metabolism of iodine) and theoretically could interact with the effect of drugs. However, it should be noted that in the case of soybeans, the amount of soy that is found is very low. Only if the diet is insufficient in iodine consumption of soy milk can alter the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Soy and thyroid problems

Soy and tyroid problems

Is it bad to eat soy milk if there is breast cancer? And of prostate?

Soy milk without added sugars is suitable before, during and after cancer, and it is also possibly a better choice than milk because it lacks the hormonal effects of milk.

The main associations against cancer are already beginning to recommend soy consumption for people with cancer because it is associated with a better prognosis of the disease by providing nutrients, antioxidants, and decreasing the production of estrogen in the body. It is also not contraindicated if you take tamoxifen, which is a drug against breast cancer.

soy and breast cancer

Soy and breast cancer

Does eating soy produce cancer?

Soy milk and other soy derivatives may not influence or protect against cancer, but there is not scientific evidence that they cause cancer.

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9 June, 2021

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