Properties of lavender honey

Characteristics and benefits of lavender honey

What is lavender honey?

It is the honey that the bees produce when in its composition mainly take part flowers of lavender.

Characteristics of honey of lavender

It is a honey with a light golden color, with a great aroma and very good flavor.

It stands out for its great content in minerals, especially iron.

Properties of lavender honey

Lavender flower provide this type of honey mainly antiseptic and bactericidal properties in external treatment.

It is a honey that contains a lot of iron

What is lavender honey used for?

Lavanda flowers (Lavandula sp.).
Lavender flowers
  • Skin lesions: It is very suitable as a vulnerary for the healing of wounds, cuts, punctures, burns, sunburns or insect bites.
  • Respiratory diseases: In internal use, its antiseptic, mucolytic and bactericidal properties make it especially interesting for the treatment of respiratory system anomalies: Sweetening foods, milk or yogurt with this honey can be a good preventive for the cold, cough, sore throat, pharyngitis, bronchitis or the flu.
  • Ulcers: Its bactericidal capacity can help to prevent the development of the bacterium Helycobacter pylori, responsible of the majority of cases of ulcers of stomach and duodenum, although in no case it can be enough to eradicate it or use it as the only treatment.
  • Energising: Using lavender honey will help us recover energy.

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17 December, 2020

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