Aromatherapy and essential oils

The importance of essential oils

essential oils
Essential oils sample

Essential oils provide us with great benefits used with caution and knowledge of them.

The oils are available over the counter in herbalists, dietetics and pharmacies, but an essential oil is a complex combination of aromatic molecules and some of them can be toxic or irritating, for this reason it is necessary to learn to know essential oils to be able to use them in a proper way and know how to dose them correctly.

It is convenient to be able to take an initiation course to aromatherapy, to have a true knowledge of how and when to use essential oils.

In the rooms, an electric vaporizer is recommended for safety.

Using essential oils at home

At home we can use them in the living room or dining room, with a vaporizer that depending on the climate we want to create we will use different combinations

For Christmas we can make the following mixture 3 drops of mandarin essential oil and 3 drops of nutmeg essential oil.

punto rojo More information on essential oils and their properties

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28 July, 2021

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