Lecithin for gallstones

Properties of soy lecithin in the prevention of sand and stones in the gallbladder

Why to take soy lecithin for gallstones?

Soy lecithin is a highly recommended supplement for the prevention of stones or sand in the gallbladder. This substance is also found naturally in the body, mainly forming part of the bile, and its function is precisely to emulsify cholesterol and prevent the formation of gallstones.

Currently, the diet is less and less abundant in lecithin, which increases the risk of gallstones. Lecithin supplement is inexpensive and can prevent problems caused by the lack of this component, in addition to providing other very interesting benefits for health.

How does soy lecithin work for gallbladder stones?


The gallbladder is a sort of pear-shaped sack placed under the liver. It stores the bile and releases it into the intestine during digestion. Lecithin forms part of the bile. It has the function of diluting cholesterol in the bile. (Drawing by courtesy of dibujosparapintar.com)

It is precisely this function that has lecithin in the gallbladder: lecithin, which is part of the bile, has the ability to dilute cholesterol in the bile so that it is eliminated through bile juices, and no cholesterol crystals are formed in the gallbladder (stones in the gallbladder).

In addition, it has been proven that low levels of phosphatidylcholine can produce stones in the gallbladder, since the body needs this component to metabolize cholesterol, produce bile correctly and avoid cholesterol stones in the gallbladder.

How to take lecithin for stones

Normally the diet is deficient in lecithin, since the foods that contain the most are usually considered bad or “fattening”, because they are rich in fat. Examples of foods rich in lecithin are: eggs, Brazil nuts or walnuts. One way to eat more lecithin is to increase the consumption of these healthy foods rich in lecithin.

Another economical way to ingest lecithin is through soy lecithin supplements.

Benefits of soy lecithin for gallstones

Soy lecithin is very rich in phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylinositol and phosphatidic acid). These components make it possible to emulsify, that is, to mix the body’s fats with water, which favors its expulsion.

Taking choline (or soy lecithin supplements) is effective in preventing and treating diseases such as gallstones, fatty liver, or cirrhosis.

Who is recommended to take soy lecithin to prevent stones?

It is recommended that people with a higher risk of gallstones take this preventive remedy:

People with obesity

During pregnancy (It has been observed that during and after pregnancy it is more possible to cause gallstones)

In case of contraceptives intake

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15 June, 2023

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