Balanced dinner

What is a balanced diet for dinner?


Milk with cereals versus a balanced meal

A balanced weight loss diet dinner might be, as in our example:

- First course: steamed broccoli with carrot

- Second course: A rich-protein but low-fat dish: Whitefish, like hake with green salad.

- Dessert: `Nonfat yogurt with 1 kiwi

What does this meal provide us compared with milk with cereals?

Nutritional composition of a balanced meal for dinner

balanced dinner calories

Nutritional composition of milk with cereals

milk cereals dinner calories

The benefits of a full dinner options regarding milk with cereals are:

- A balanced diiner contributes only with 60 calories more than milk with cereals. It also gives greater satiety because the food was distributed in 3 courses.

- It contains twice the protein than milk with cereals, and 7 times more fiber.

- It has 10 g. carbohydrate less than milk with cerealz, coming from carrot and kiwi.

- It has higher nutritional value: More vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and antioxidants such as beta carotene and glucosinolates in broccoli.

steamed broccoli
Photo of steamed broccoli

Nutritional tips for a balanced diet

A healthy diet is a balanced diet between physical activity and our nutrient needs.

- Consult a dietitian to develop a balanced weight loss diet.

- If high stress or anxiety, you should take more complex carbohydrates in the diet.

Remedies to avoid craving for food

Nerve remedies

Remedies for insomnia.

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