Oats benefits

Edible properties of oats

What is oats?

dibujo de avena
A drawing of oats. (More food drawings)

Oats (Avena sativa) is a cereal. It belongs to the same family of wheat, corn and rice.

It consists of long stalks beaing at their ends the spikes with the grains. They are the seeds.

These grains are covered by a layer called the pericarp, which is light brown.

If we remove that layer, we get the oat grain in its natural form: light brown on the outside and with a beige-white color inside.

Oats has a mild neutral flavor.

What are the main nutrients of oats? Composition of oats

composition oats

As an energy source, 100 g of oats give us 389 calories.

Their proportion of nutrients is divided into:

Vitamins and minerals in oats:

Oats is rich in potassium and phosphorus, but it also contains lesser amount of magnesium, calcium, and even small amounts of iron, zinc and sodium.

Oats is a cereal rich in B vitamins, but it also provides with small amounts of vitamin E.

Nutritional characteristics of oats

copos de avena
Oats can be eaten as oatmeal, widely used in breakfast.
  • Being a cereal, it has a low water content.

  • It gives us a lot of energy in the form of calories, which help us to maintain our vitality.

  • It contains little fat, with a good quality and very beneficial for health. It contains lot of protein.

  • Oats is high in carbohydrates, especially starches.

  • It has a very high content in fibe, what aids to eliminate toxins from our body, because it contains potassium.

  • It helps maintain brain function adequately, because it contains phosphorus. In addition, together with calcium, it maintains the balance of the formation of strong bones.

  • Because of its magnesium content, it aids our muscles to contract and relax.

  • Because of its manganese content it is very interesting fo the good state of brain function and respiratory infections.

  • Being high in B vitamins, it helps us to get energy from fat, protein and carbohydrate intake to properly grow and maintain our defenses in good condition.

  • It protects us from the toxins and aging, because it contains vitamin E.

Oats in the kitchen

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