Fruit Skewer Recipe



Fruits to taste, seeking variety of colors:

- Guava, watermelon, strawberries or lychees (pink)

- Kiwi (green)

- Orange, persimmons, peaches or mandarin (orange)

- Banana, melon, pear, apple or cherimoya (pale)

- Chia seeds (optional)

- Four long skewers.


- Wash all fruits.

- Peel all fruit and cut into similar decorative sizes .

- Make the skewers, alternating colors to make it colorful. This type of dessert is ideal for making with children.

- Serve as a dessert or snack.

Fruit skewers


This recipe is rich in natural antioxidants from fruits, fun, enjoyable and easy to perform. We can benefit from the fiber that gives us the fruit to prevent constipation, and its high content of vitamin C. This recipe helps the body in case of cold, to maintain a youthful skin and as anti-aging.

We recommend sprinkle it with chia seeds to benefit from omega 3 high content from this precious seeds.

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