Artocarpus heterophyllus

Characteristics of jackfruit tree

Common English names: Jackfruit, Jak, Jack jackfruit,

- Spanish: in Spanish, apart for jackfruit, it can be called poor man's fruit, good bread, rhyme, jak tree.
- Malaysia and the Philippines: Nangka
- Thailand: Khanun
- Cambodya: Khnor
- Laos: Mak My
- Vietnam: Mit

Botanical name: Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.

Family: Moraceae

Habitat : Native to the forests of southwest India, from where it spread throughout Southeast Asia and Asia. It is a fast growing tree that produces large fruits.

Distribution: It is now cultivated in tropical and subtropical countries from Asia (India, Burma, Sri Lanka, southern China, Malaysia), Africa and South America (Brazil, Puerto Rico) to United States (Florida and California). It can grow in tropical areas but it also endures the cold southern regions like Australia.

In Southeast Asian countries is is planted in avenues, cities, yards and parks as well as a tree to provide shade. It is a food source.

Jackfruit tree with two fruits
Jackfruit tree with two fruits

Jackfruit tree description

Evergreen tree related with breadfruit and fig. Jackfruit tree usually measures over 20 m. in tropical places. Noted for its dense and broad crown, with large leaves of 20 or more cm. long. These leaves are dark green, glabrous, glossy, oblong, deeply lobed or leathery.

Monoecious plant with male and female flowers in grups, growing from the same trunk or branches.

Jackfuit fruits are huge, up to 90cm. long, hanging from the branches and the trunk. (It is one of the world 's largest fruit).

Jackfruit tree

The fruit is also known as jackfruit. The skin is rough, green- yellow and presents sharp protrusions. The flesh is yellow or orange. When ripe, it provides an unpleasant smell. The fruit has an open odor between a banana and a pineapple.

It is considered a multiple fruit infrutescense, with numerous seeds inside (there can be up to 400 seeds in a single fruit).

Photography of jackfruit tree on a highway in Southeast Asia.
Photography of jackfruit tree on a highway in Southeast Asia.

Components of jackfruit

- Carbohydrates (24%), protein (2%), fats (0, 3%) and fiber (2%).

- Contains some essential amino acids like arginine, cystine, histidine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan.

- Minerals: high in potassium, manganese, copper and magnesium. Provides Tamien zinc, phosphorus, selenium.

- Vitamin A as carotenoids (beta carotene, alpha-carotenene,, crocetin)

- Vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin.

- Flavonoids and polyphenols: artocarpesine, norartocarpetin and oxyresveratrol Among Others.

- Tannins in the bark (3%)

- Other components: betulinic acid (fruit), jacalin (protein in the seeds), phytosterols

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