Semolina with watercress


Ingredients for 4 people:

- 2 handfuls of watercresses.

- A cup of wheat semolina.

- A few squares of hard bread.

- Olive oil

- Salt.


- Wash the watercress.

- Pour a little oil in a skillet and let it get hot.

- Fry the cubes of bread and put them on a plate.

- Pour the flour into the pan with hot oil and stir until it is golden brown.

- Pour the semolina in a pan of boiling water, stirring constantly.

- Add salt and lower the temperature to cook it over low heat for half an hour.

- Once cooked, add the watercress and remove everything.

- Serve on a plate and add a few leaves of watercress and a few squares of fried bread on the semolina.

Way to serve it:

Serve it as starter

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