Is it true that sugar causes cancer?


Does sugar cause cancer?

This question is becoming more popular among the population, and there are many informative publications as false as alarmist.

Sugar consumption is VITAL to the body. Rumors that sugar causes cancer are false.

The emergence of more and more cases of cancer among the population has been associated with a longer life expectancy; and also with increasing number of techniques to diagnose cancer in time.

However, it is true that cancer patients are not only old people, but also adults and young people, which makes people and specialist to think the real causes of cancer are within the food we eat.

The pastries contain a lot of sugar and fat. Industrial products do not contain anticancer components that provide other foods like fruits.

Is there a clear conclusion of what produces cancer?

There is not a single cause for this disease, so it is not possible to determine exactly what produces it.

Many factors are believe to be involved in its appearance: genetic, psychological or emotional, environmental, pathological factors, substance abuse (smoking, alcohol,...) and obviously also dietary factors.

With all these determinants, each one with many nuances, "sugar" obviously can not be blamed for the onset of this disease


Why is sugar consumption related with cancer?

Abusive and perpetuated sugar consumption is linked to very accelerated ways of life, in which excessive industrial preparations, such as pre-cooked food, and endless sugary food products are consumed: chocolate, candies, juices, soft drinks, etc.

If in addition to these food habits, smoking or alcohol consumption are everywhere present,, besides little physical activity. It is normal for the body to suffer fatigue, stress, or other symptoms. but they do not necessarily have to manifest into cancer.

Therefore, it is healthier and more useful to consider whether our lifestyle and habits could be at the basis of this disease, instead of only blaming to some food products, such as sugar.

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