Is it better to eat fruit or yogurt for dessert?

Is it better to eat yogurt after meals to lose weight?

Doubt if it is better to have skimmed yogurt than fruit for dessert

I have been told that yogurt is better to eat after meals because it has more calcium, less sugar, fewer calories, and more yogurt with strawberriesprotein. I wanted to know if this theory is true. Thank you very much for all your posts.

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Is yogurt better than fruit for dessert?

Yogurt is no better than fruit for dessert, although it is also a good option. Certainly yogurt is a nutritious food, but if you ask us for scientific data, yogurt is no better than fruit.

According to the studies carried out on nutrition, the consumption of fruit accumulates more benefits than that of fermented dairy products. Among the benefits of fruit consumption is the prevention of many diseases, including cholesterol, depression and obesity. Therefore, based on these data, it is better to eat fruit than yogurt for dessert.

On the other hand, the consumption of milk or dairy accumulates less benefits, although it also has some others. However, among these benefits is not that of protecting us against osteoporosis, despite being foods very rich in calcium.

Ultimately, both options are nutritious, healthy and adequate. Therefore, and if there is no contraindication, in this case the choice of the best option depends on the appetite. What do you want to eat more, fruit or yogurt?

What are the benefits of fruit and yogurt?

Yogurt with papaya
Yogurt with papaya. Yogurt is healthier if it contains natural fruit

The two foods are healthy choices, and they can even be combined. Therefore, on a professional level, a dietitian would recommend that you consume the option that suits you best, based on your appetite.

Also, if you eat yogurts, it is important that they are natural, unsweetened and without flavors. You can add fruit to it. Occasionally, you can add a teaspoon of natural jam to make it taste better.

In case of illness, the dietary advice can change. For this reason, if you must follow a diet therapy protocol, we recommend consulting a professional for more personalized advice.

Does yogurt have more calories than fruit?

The calorie content of each food is very similar. On the other hand, the evolution of obesity has shown that counting calories is not effective to lose weight, but rather the quality of food should be emphasized before its energy intake.

Your query also hints at the myth that fruit is high in sugar and high in calories, which is not true.

Is yogurt for dessert good because it is low in sugar and calories?

yogurt with muesli
Yogurt with muesli and dried fruit

Yogurt is also a nutritious food, rich in protein and high in calcium.

It is true that yogurt is low in calories, but not always. On the market there are some dairy products that have up to 4 times more sugar than fruit, such as custards, fruit yogurts, with jams, chocolate, vanilla or flavors.

Therefore, we should specify that yogurt is healthy when it does not contain added sugars, flavors or sweeteners.

Is yogurt good for calcium?

Yogurt is a food that is very rich in calcium. It contains approximately 150 mg of calcium per 125 gram unit. But it is not necessary to eat yogurt to have a diet rich in calcium. You can sprinkle two teaspoons of ground sesame on salads or fruit to obtain the same proportion of calcium. Two teaspoons of sesame (10g) provide 100 mg of calcium.

It should also be noted that calcium is not the only thing we must focus on in order to have strong bones. For example, vitamin C and antioxidants in fruit are also interesting for bone health.

Does the fruit have a lot of sugar?

It is not true that fruit contains a lot of sugar, especially when compared to cookies, pastries, drinks, cereals or snacks. Also, it is false that fruit have a high glycemic index.

The fruit contains mainly water and only 5-10% natural sugars. It is a very small amount of sugar, and natural sugar in food is better than added sugar.

What does have a lot of sugar are fruit jams, juices and smoothies that combine different fruit. It is always better to eat whole and fresh fruit.

Is it recommended to reduce the consumption of fruit to lose weight?

No, absolutely. Fruit is satisfying, nutritious, healthy and totally recommended food. No health personnel should recommend removing fruit for dessert.

It is a serious mistake to recommend reducing the consumption of fruit because eating too little fruit is detrimental to health, and figures indicate that too little is currently consumed.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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19 December, 2021

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