Foods rich in vitamin K

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List of foods rich in vitamin K

What foods contain  a lot of vitamin K?

Among foods with vitamin K we will highlight:

Foods of animal origin with vitamin k:

  • The amounts of vitamin K in meats is very low except for the liver and egg yolk.
  • The content of vitamin K in milk or derivatives (yogurts, cheeses, etc.) is much lower.

How to know which vegetables are rich in vitamin K ?

Dark green leafy vegetables, such as chards or spinach, are the foods that contain the most vitamin K

Vegetarian food rich in vitamin K

Chards are the richest vegetables in vitamin K after curly cabbages

The richest are the following vegetables:

– Other vegetables that contain enough quantity are:

Spinach also contains a lot of vitamin K

– Vegetable oils, mainly:

– Fruits, mainly:

Strawberries are one of the fruits richest in vitamin K

– Grains and seeds, mainly

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19 February, 2020

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