Properties of kamut flour

What is kamut flour?

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Kamut flour is the result of grinding kamut cereal.

Kamut is a cereal from the same family as wheat or rye, which is more correctly classified as a type of durum wheat.

Durum wheat is a variety of grain very rich in protein and gluten, which gives it the perfect elasticity to make pasta.

Kamut grain  has a lower percentage of carbohydrates than other types of wheat,  more protein and presents a higher fat content, of the Omega-6 type.

Due to its high fat content, its flavor is sweet, smooth and buttery.

Because of its characteristics, kamut flour is mainly used to make pasta and semolina, such as macaroni, galets, pumpkin jam filling , spaghetti, spirals, noodles, couscous or bulgur.

Does kamut flour contain gluten?

Yes, kamut flour has a high percentage of gluten, and cannot be consumed by people with celiac disease or those who are allergic to wheat.

Some reports highlight that kamut is better tolerated than wheat by people sensitive to it, although its sources are doubtful.

Gluten is the same component in wheat grain as in kamut, and minimal amounts can cause the same allergic effects.

Do not take kamut or kamut flour products if you are gluten intolerant or allergic. Check with your doctor if you have any questions, before taking kamut.

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Uses of kamut flour

  • Kamut flour is used to thicken soups, creams, etc.
  • Mixed with wheat flour, it can form black-colored breads, richer in nutrients than those made with white flour.
  • With kamut flour alone, bread is not made, since it has a poor baking capacity.
  • Homemade pasta: because of its high gluten content, kamut flour has the perfect hardness, texture and elasticity to make delicious pasta doughs. This paste will be firm and smooth, and can be reheated without losing its firmness.

Properties of kamut flour

Nutritionally it is a flour with a higher content of vitamins and minerals than other types of wheat flour. It is suitable for people who want to take care of their cholesterol and weight, since its fiber content provides a feeling of satiety.

Where to buy kamut flour?

  • Supermarkets, diet stores, bulk and organic stores.
  • Online or Internet stores can be a resource if you cannot find the product in the mentioned establishments. In this case, it is advisable to look for trusted online stores with secure payment.

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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10 February, 2021

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