Essential oils for lice and fleas

Essential oils to fight lice and fleas

Lice, nits are real pests that develop on the hair in some places. They especially attack school-age children.

These insects are very difficult to eliminate because they are easily transmitted from one person to another. Children have it even more difficult because, in their games or conversations, they put their heads together a lot, so these pests can easily infect a child who has left the house completely free of lice in the morning.

The use of essential oils is recommended to eliminate lice because they are a natural alternative to chemical products, which are usually very aggressive for the scalp.

It is important to apply these remedies every three days because these preparations usually eliminate lice but do not destroy the eggs that hatch again. Therefore, several applications are often required at short intervals to be effective.

How are essential oils used for lice and fleas?

We can apply:

Ideally, apply the lotion, cover the head so that it works for several hours (better if it is overnight) and wash the head with anti-lice shampoo the following morning.

In the case of flea lotion, apply on the legs or head and let it act.

Main essential oils for lice and fleas

We can use the essential oils of many plants. The main ones are the following:

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28 July, 2021

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