Meat for children


What is meat?

Meat is a food derived from animals.

The main types of meat used in food include the following: beef, pork, chicken, rabbit meat, turkey meat, etc..

Why is meat important?

Meat is mainly important because it provides us with proteins. It also contains fats, some minerals, mainly iron and phosphorus, and vitamin B.

The proteins of meat are more complete or whole than those from plant foods.

Flesh contains vitamin B12. The plant foods do not contain this vitamin, so that people who are strict vegetarians should take supplements to get it. Lack of this vitamin causes a serious disease called anemia.

Types of meat

The main types of meat are:

- White meat: chicken, turkey and rabbit meat and lean pork loin type.

- Red meat: lamb, veal, beef

- Hunting meat: hare, partridge, quail, dove, wild boar, etc.

- Viscera: kidneys, liver, tripe

- Stuffed meat: sausages, bologna, chopped, etc..

- Cured meat: ham, pork loin, sweet ham and turkey ham.

- Cartilaginous meat: pork feet, ears, noses, etc..

What is the best meat?

We should mainly eat what we call "white meat" because it is the one with a lower content in saturated fat.

Red meat or viscera contain more fat. They are also rich in cholesterol, especially the viscera.

Sausages and other stuffed meat are high in fat, salt and food additives. Consumption should be casual.

Cured meat does not contain much fat, but it is also rich in additives and contains lots of salt. Consumption may be more frequent than sausages.

Cartilaginous meats are low in fat and cholesterol. However, they are usually too much elaborated so that they are not very healthy because they often contain greasy sauces as lard or bacon.

How much meat should we eat daily?

We should eat meat 3 to 4 times a week

* See: rations of meat

To remember

- Meat is a very important food in nutrition because it provides us with high quality protein. It also contains fats, vitamins and minerals.

- Only meat and other foods of animal origin contain vitamin B12

- We should eat 3 to 4 servings of meat a week.

- The most suitable meat is "white meat". Fatty meats should be eaten occasionally.- Vegetarians do not eat meat.

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