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Garam masala ingredients and nutritional benefits


What is Garam Masala?

Garam Masala is a spice blend from India, which has been extended in the kitchens of Southern Asia. There are many variations of this mixture, although all of them have in common the property of being a “hot mixture”. ” Garam ” means ‘hot’ in Hindi language, and ” masala ” means ‘ mixture ‘.

Some of the spices that make Garam Masala mix are not particularly spicy, like chili or cayenne pepper (spicy from capsaicin), but it has other aromatic hot and spicy derivatives of black pepper, cinnamon and cloves.

Garam Masala accepts many variants, all of them delicious. It can be prepared with other plants such as mustard, star anise, turmeric and even toasted sesame seeds.

Properties of Garam Masala

The spice blends are a cultural heritage, a very important nutrient for all civilizations, in spite of being less valued nowadays. These fragrant spices have written the history of the modern world, through the Spice Route and the discovery of America (or New World). During the Middle Ages in Europe, spices were so important as to be considered money to pay taxes.

Currently, the amazing aromas that these spices can bring go unnoticed in societies where fast -food is so well stablished. However, these little ingredients provide a great aroma to our dishes as well as nutritional and medicinal virtues:

From a nutritional point of view, all the spices are rich in antioxidant and aromatic anticancer substances. We let you enjoy natural foods and discover new flavor combinations that will broaden your culinary horizons.

Spices Garam massala is made of

Photo of pepper

Pepper is one of the main spicy ingredients of garam massala

Each spice has different medicinal properties:

  • Bay has digestive and antirheumatic properties.

  • Cumin is also a digestive spice, like other Umbelliferae such as fennel, dill or anise.

  • Black pepper and generally spicy seasonings stimulate stomach secretions, promoting digestion of food.

  • Fenugreek has a characteristic bitter taste. It prevents hypoglycemic glucose spikes after meals.It can also help lower cholesterol, treat menstrual pain and even increase bust size

  • Cardamom prevents bad breath, it is expectorant and stimulant.

Discover all the spices that can spice up your kitchen!

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19 March, 2019

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