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Lentils are very rich in proteins

Lentils are an ideal food for vegetarians who do not eat meat because they contain a lot of protein. In India, where there is a large community of people who practice vegetarianism, lentils are are a staple food along with peas and chickpeas. Lentils contain approximately 25% and 30% of protein, so they are at the second place in protein content among the legumes after soybeans.

Of all the lentils Beluga lentils are particularly noted for their protein content. This is a type of small and round lentil with a shiny black color that reminds us the eggs of a Beluga. A Beluga, besides a type of whale, is a type of fish whose eggs produce the best quality and most expensive caviar in the world.

Another protein-rich lentil is the Dal Urad lentil coming from India. In this country, it is used to replace meat.

The advantage of lentils with respect to certain meats like pork meat is that lentils are richer in more digestible amino acids. The richness of proteins and nucleic acids is considered as a natural antidote against aging because they are able to renew the cells of our body. It is considered that the health of hair, skin, nails, muscle strength, and overall vitality, both physical and mental, are enhanced by eating plenty of foods rich in these components.

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Lentils for diabetes

Legumes are characterized by their ability to pour gradually glucose in the bloodstream. This is obtained by metabolizing carbohydrates slowly. When we eat legumes, glucose is incorporated into the blood in a gradual way. This control of blood sugar is very interesting for two main reasons:

- Keep the feeling of fullness for a long time: Unlike other foods that cause a sudden rise of blood sugar, forcing the body to burn a lot of sugar in a short time, lentils can maintain these levels very stable for a long time which determines the body can be full for long. They are ideal for feeding children so they can have enough energy to play. They are also recommended for feeding people doing some exercise or simply for all people who want to stay satisfied without needing to crave for food after a while of having eaten.

- Keep the blood sugar within normal levels without needing much insulin: This is very interesting for people who have diabetes and need to control the levels of blood sugar. Consumption of this food may make them less dependent on insulin delivery.

For a long time, it was said that lentils were not advisable for diabetics because their carbohydrate content was very high (55%). They are really very rich in carbohydrates, but we must bear in mind that this figure corresponds to dry uncooked lentils and 100 gr. cooked lentils contain only 20%. (apples or pears contain 15% and bananas 23%) Anyway, if someone still distrusts of this food, can mix lentils with other vegetables, such as spinach, thus decreasing its carbohydrate content.

On the other hand we must not forget that sugar is necessary for feeding the brain and nerves so this legume is very interesting not only for people who must make great efforts to provide abundant physical energy, but for students and people who need their brain to be able to work hard and properly.

Properties of lentils
Main curative properties of lentils

Attention !! Lentils are rich in purines and uric acid

Lentils are rich in purines components which are transformed in the body into uric acid, therefore the following people should eat this food wisely:

- People who are on a diet for gout

- People who are on a diet for osteoarthritis or diet for arthritis

- People with arteriosclerosis.

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