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What are plants for metabolism?

- Diuretic plants that help to eliminate leftover liquids and toxins in the body.

- Satiating plants that decrease the desire to eat.

- Stimulant plants that accelerate the metabolism, which implies a greater expenditure of calories very useful in case of slow metabolisms.

- Sedative plants that ddiminish the basal metabolism in case of people with too high caloric expenditure.

Plants suitable for diseases of metabolism

Slow metabolism

People may have slow metabolism due to lack of physical activity because their body composition is poor in musculature or because of genetic, age or hormonal causes.

The infusions for slimming are prepared mainly by diuretic plants, such as celery, artichoke, dandelion or horsetail.

Photo of artichokes

Photo of artichokes

To reduce the need to snack between meals, you can take some food rich in fiber. Fruits, for example, are rich in fiber and contain no fats, so they can be used as a healthy snack between the hours, to lessen the craving for sweet and not arrive with a voracious hunger to the next meal.

Another type of remedy for less hunger consists of substances that help calm nervousness, such as foods rich in tryptophan (serotonin precursor), or plants with hydroxycitric acid, a component of Garcinia cambogia that takes away hunger.

Among the plants that succeed in stimulating the metabolism we have coffee, tea, maté herb or guarana, for its caffeine, stimulant and anorexigenic content.

Photo of artichokes

Photo of green tea infusion

Accelerated metabolism

Fast metabolism depends on the same factors as slow metabolism. It can occur by age (children and youth), by having a lot of physical activity or a lot of muscle, or by hormonal causes. It also influences sex, as men have a higher metabolism than women.

Accelerated metabolism usually manifests with nervousness and thinness, which should not be treated with the intake of greasy products, but with a diet rich in complex carbohydrates.

For people with accelerated metabolism it is recommended to take preparations from sedative plants, such as valerian or passion flower.

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