Pumpkin recipes


Summer squash can be eaten raw. There is no need to peel them or to remove the seeds, since they are so tender they can also be eaten. Summer squash includes common pumpkin, which, unlike the rest of summer squash has a tough skin and should be removed along with the seeds to be eaten.

Winter pumpkins have tough skin. These are cooked with the skin, but this is not eaten. After cooking, you remove the cooked pulp that it is edible.


Ingredients for four people:

- 1 half-size pumpkin of one kilo and a half or two kilos.

- 3 spoonfuls of olive oil.


- Cut the squash in half.

- Add oil to a flat metal ovenproof dish and sprinkle the bottom with oil

- Place the two halves of the dish with the skin touching the bottom.

- Bake in the oven at 200ºC for 25 minutes

Ways to serve it

Serve it hot as a starter. Serve it cold with a little honey for dessert.

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