Asparagus recipes


Ingredients for four people

- 1/2 kilo of wild asparagus.

- 1/2 kilo of mushrooms.

- 100 grams of cooked corn

- 150 cl of olive oil.

- Salt


- Clean the asparagus.

- Cut them into small pieces. Discard the stud that is not tender.

- Pour the olive oil in the paella.

- When hot, put the asparagus to fry.

Asparagus with mushrooms

- When they are medium fried, remove them from heat and discard the broth and oil.

- Add the mushrooms and fry some more, adding a little more oil.

- When the mushrooms and asparagus are well done, add the corn and stir a bit.

- Salt to taste

- Remove and place on a plate.

Method of serving

Serve hot as a starter on a plate

Other asparagus recipes

- Steamed asparagus

- Asparagus with sesame

- Wild asparagus omelette

- Asparagus soup

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