Foods rich in vitamin K

List of food with a lot of vitamin K


Among the foods with vitamin K, we will point out:

Food of animal origin with a lot of vitamin K

The amounts of vitamin K in meat is very low with the exception of liver and egg yolk.

The content of vitamin K in the milk or milk derivatives (yogurt, cheese, etc) is much smaller.

Foods of plant origin with a lot of vitamin K

Vervain flower
Spinach contain a lot of vitamin K

The richest are the collard greens (550 mcg / cup), collards (300 mcg / cup), spinach (144 mcg / cup) and turnip greens (138 mcg / cup).

Other vegetables that contain plenty of vitamin K are:

- Parsley

- Sprouts.

- Brussels sprouts.

- Broccolis.

- Asparagus

- Cauliflowers

  • Vegetable oils that contain vitamin K
olive oil
Olive oil contains vitamin K

- Soybean oil.

- Olive oil

- Safflower oil

  • Fruits containing vitamin K


- Strawberries

- Kiwis

- Pistachios

- Bananas

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