Calcium in cereals

Cereals with a lot of calcium

Within cereals, the ones that contain the most calcium are whole grains. Corn and millet are cereals with less calcium, while amaranth and quinoa are the ones with the most.

The following list contains the calcium content of the most important cereals as well as some foods derived from cereals.

List of cereals rich in calcium (milligrams kg)

In order from highest to lowest content:

  • White wheat flour with added calcium (252 mg)
  • Amaranth (153 mg)
  • Wheat bran (73 mg)
  • Quinoa (60 mg)
  • Oats bran (58 mg)

Yogurt with oats and banana

Yogurt with oats and banana

Oats and yogurt contain lots of calcium.

  • Whole dry spaghetti with spinach (58 mg)
  • Rice bran (57 mg)
  • Whole rye flour (56 mg),
  • Oats (54 mg)
  • Corn bran (42 mg),
  • Wholegrain macaroni (40 mg),
  • Dry whole spaghetti (40 mg),
  • Wheat germ (39 mg)
  • Spaghetti or cooked noodles (38 mg)
  • Whole Wheat Flour (34 mg)
  • Rye (33 mg)
  • Whole barley meal (32 mg)
  • Brown rice (33 mg)
  • Whole wheat (32 mg)
  • Barley (29 mg)
  • Sorghum (28 mg),
  • Sprouted wheat (28 mg)
  • Couscous (24 mg)
  • White rice (23 mg)
  • Tapioca (20 mg)
  • Chinese noodles (20 mg),
  • Dry rice noodles (20 mg)
  • White wheat flour (15 mg)
  • Integral rice flour (10 mg)
  • Maize (7 mg),
  • Millet (3 mg)

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Calcium, chlorine, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassiumCopper, chromium, fluorine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, iodine, zinc.
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25 November, 2021

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