Menu for chemotherapy

Proposed menu to eat while under chemotherapy

Proposed menu for chemotherapy


- A glass of soy milk (fortified with calcium) with yeast or pollen or hyperproteic-high calorie supplement.

- 2 slices of bread rusks with quince (you may eat one or the other at mid-morning with tofu).

- 1c. (a tea spoonful) of extra virgin olive oil and parsley.

Pulses are not recommended
Some plant infusions can provide
liquids during chemotherapy


- Juice of fruits and vegetables (apple and carrot) with pollen or brewer's yeast.


- Mashed potatoes (with soy milk) with steamed zucchini.

- Seitan (cut into thin slices) with mini carrots.

- Baked apple.

- 2c. (tea spoonful) of extra virgin olive oil with chopped parsley.

cream of zucchini
Food must be prepared
to be easily digested


Dextrinised toast with nonfat cream cheese.


- Cream of onion and squash with pasta noodles with:

. Two boiled egg whites (crushed in the cream) and

. 2c. (dessert spoon) of virgin olive oil.

. Pear compote (with a little toast).


A glass of soy or oat milk (fortified with calcium)with yeast, or pollen, or hyperproteic supplement.

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