Properties of cocoa cream

Benefits of cocoa cream

Properties of cocoa cream homemade recipe

This recipe can be prepared as it is described below, or only with dates and cocoa powder. Anyway, it is a very energetic, rich in natural sugar from dates, and fat from hazelnuts.

But it is also a very nutritious recipe, for his great contribution in fiber, magnesium, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus and folic acid.

The main ingredient, Hazelnuts, is rich in vitamin E, with antioxidant properties that prevent aging, and seek for a good condition of the skin and heart.

Who is cocoa cream good for?

This cocoa homemade cream is a good source of energy for children because it allows them to play for a long time without feeling tired.

For athletes, dates help improve performance and recovery after or during the great efforts. It is an ideal remedy to regain strength after a great hike or a strong work.

Pure cocoa has stimulant and euphoric properties, it is also very rich in magnesium, which also benefits athletes in muscle recovery and helps in improving stress.

We should highlight the high content of dates in glutamine, an amino acid with which the body makes a powerful antioxidant: glutathione.

Unlike industrial creams, this recipe gives us a lot of fiber, which will help better assimilate the sugar this recipe contains, and prolong the feeling of satiety, avoiding to crave for food.

Is an energetic and nutritious alternative for breakfast or snack for children, youth, athletes, pregnant women, etc.


receta facil nocilla o nutella casera con cacao y dátiles

Photo of bread slathered on homemade cocoa cream

Cocoa homemade cream

Cocoa cream spread here is easy to prepare, without refined sugar and highly nutritious, cocoa homemade cream is a much more healthier alternative to industrial chocolate creams that can be found in supermarkets.

The proposed recipe is a homemade Nutella, very easy to do. Prepared only with dates and pure cocoa powder, without added sugar, gluten and milk, it is suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians.

Ingredients for the cocoa butter

  • 100g boneless dried dates (can also be prepared with 2 ripe bananas)
  • 100g of pure cocoa powder (without sugar or sweeteners).
  • 200g raw or roasted hazelnuts (without salt and without frying) (If you do not have hazelnuts, this recipe could also be done with another nut like almonds. Another option is to prepare only with dates and cocoa powder).
  • 200cc (1 cup) of water or vegetable drink (oat milk, rice milk, etc.)

You must have a kitchen appliance such as blender, grinder, food processor or similar.

cocoa cream recipe step by step:

cocoa cream recipe step by step

How to make homemade cocoa cream

The preparation of this recipe is very simple:

  • In a bowl, crush the hazelnuts with oat drink (or water) and dates. The result is a thick, pale and very sweet cream.
  • To this cream, add cocoa powder, approximately 100 g or slightly more (to taste) and mix well to form a homogeneous mass. You can add more or less depending on the amount of cocoa bitterness desired.

People who do not like dates too much can add more cocoa to disguise their flavor successfully, or replace them with bananas.

  • It can be preserved in the refrigerator, for up to about 3-4 days.
  • Serve on toast, pancakes, bread,…

pancake with buckwheat and homemade cocoa cream

Gluten-free pancake with buckwheat and homemade cocoa cream

Recipe variations

The recipe can be prepared with different variations:

  • Use various nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, or a mixture of several (Brazil nuts, cashews,…).
  • Use bananas or avocados instead of dates.
  • Only bananas and cocoa, or with dates, cocoa and walnuts.
  • Replace cocoa for carob
  • Add cinnamon
  • Sugar: Only nuts, vegetable milk and cocoa. You can add some agave syrup, sugar, molasses, cereals, etc. Use infusion of stevia instead of water, to avoid having to add any sugar.

Why is cocoa homemade cream better than cocoa industrial creams?

In general, it is preferable to consume this type of homemade cocoa creams because it contains many more minerals and vitamins than industrial creams.

Most industrial chocolate creams contain palm or coconut oil, rich in saturated fats and hydrogenated fats sometimes. In addition to harm cardiovascular health, they often come from unsustainable crops, which produce the deforestation of tropical forests.

Cocoa cream is very easy to make at home, with local and big quality foods.

homemade nutella ingredients

Recipe nutritional value

A serving of cream of cocoa with dates (15g.) Contributes about 57kcal.

A serving of industrial cocoa cream (15g.) Provides 80kcal.

Composition of cocoa and date cream

per100gPer serving(15g.)
Energy (kcal)38457,7
Proteins (g)11,71,8
Fats (g)6,71bajo
Fiber (g)19,62,9alto
Riboflavin (mg)0,060
Niacin (mg)1,840,3
Folic acid (mg)16,82,5
Calcium (mg)50,47,6
Phosphorus (mg)45,66,8
Magnesium (mg)406alto

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9 January, 2022

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